The Analog Hearing Aid Company says it is aiming to bring analog hearing aids back to the market, and unveiled the launch of a new product, the TrueEQ.

Founded by hearing aid industry professional Sreek Cherukuri, MD, The Analog Hearing Aid Company says it’s proud to announce the return of FDA-registered analog hearing aids. The company believes there is tremendous value that an “analog option” holds for discerning users, emphasizing a focus on sound quality and fidelity.

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The TrueEQ Hearing Aid

The company introduced its first product, the TrueEQ, a robust modernization of the best technologies of the analog era, the company says. The TrueEQ offers a myriad of advantages that set it apart from digital hearing aids, according to the company.

Benefits of the TrueEQ, according to the company, include a fuller, richer quality that is not altered or manipulated; reproduced sounds that are free of digital distortion; a design aimed to be more easily accepted by both the ears and the brain; and more.

The TrueEQ aims to bring a focus back to analog hearing aids in the market. It fills the gap for those preferring high-fidelity analog amplification and also provides another choice to those who prefer the simplicity and authenticity of the analog experience, the company says.

Featured image: Sampling losses and digital noise. Photo: The Analog Hearing Aid Company