ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, introduces dot2 by ReSound, a hearing device that combines form and function, pairing natural sound quality with near-invisible design, says a statement released by the company.

Surround sound processing is designed to handle different sound inputs with the same goal as audio mixing in movie and music production, so the instruments capture bass and treble independently, then blend them. The company says that patients notice a significant difference in the fidelity of the sound generated by hearing instruments featuring surround sound processing.

Advanced directional technology, including the new feature AutoScope, automatically narrows on conversations in noisier situations, says ReSound, adding that understanding of speech is clearer and enhanced regardless of background noise.

The device features an advanced feedback suppression system with Whistle Control, which  monitors sound levels and deploys Whistle Control, only if necessary, to help prevent feedback. It is concealed behind the ear so nobody else sees it, and weighs almost the same as a paper clip, says the company.

dot2 by ReSound provides the best sound technology available from the company. Users choose a combination of technology level, color, and the option to custom-mold to the ear’s shape.

[Source: ReSound]