With the wealth of information hearing care professionals have to share with their patients about the many products and services offered by manufacturers, The Hearing Review has compiled some of the product brochures, catalogues, and other technical literature available to guide professionals and patients through the experience of finding the right products for the patient’s individual needs. Descriptions presented herein were supplied by the participating manufacturers.

Audiology Inc

Coming soon—Understanding Hearing Aids 3.0 from Audiology Inc. The latest version of the popular patient education brochure includes updated descriptions of hearing aid features such as directional microphones, open fittings, noise suppression, feedback suppression, and new photos of hearing aid styles (BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC). See the entire Understanding … series on our Web site.


Chicago Advertising & Marketing

CAM will help you spread a warm message through your direct mail advertising this winter season. With our affordable Winter Mailer, you’ll get more patients in your door. The special features of this mailer are the coupons and a voucher that we can customize with your money-saving offers—to get your phones RINGING!

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Ear Technology Corp

Now Shipping! Increase your productivity and patient satisfaction with Clik. It’s the first hearing aid to enable programming without cables or computers, and without having to learn any new and complicated software. Instead, a variety of acoustic algorithms are embedded in Clik’s unique digital processor core. You can select and apply acoustic parameters for your patients, or empower your more tech-savvy patients to select the parameters they like in real-life listening situations.

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Harris Communications

The 2010 Harris Communications catalog is now available. This 208-page catalog offers an extensive line of the latest ALDs, such as amplified phones, personal amplifiers, TV sound amplifiers, and loud alarm clocks. The catalog includes books and DVDs on hearing loss and sign language. For a free copy, call or visit the Web site. Please call if you want multiple copies for your office. A smaller, equipment-only catalog is also available.

(800) 825-6758


Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie Minn, is a manufacturer of a diverse portfolio of hearing care devices. Our comprehensive brochures and updated Web site provide a complete portfolio of our hearing products. Our professionally written OAE guide books and training DVDs are also available online, and provide the audiologist with the complete tools to enhance any practice.

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Microsonic Inc

Microsonic Inc, Ambridge, Pa, offers a package of information on its referral program for its line of Musicians Monitors, in which audiology/hearing aid offices provide ear impressions for monitor wearers. Music products are a growing industry, and fit nicely into hearing aid offices. They can help you meet new hearing aid customers years before they need you.

(800) 523-7672

Oticon Inc

Help your patients in their journey toward better hearing with Oticon’s new Alliance brochure series. Written in clear end-user language and without reference to specific products, these brochures are great counseling tools to help patients and family members come to terms with hearing loss, learn what to expect at their hearing evaluation, and understand their amplification options.

(800) 526-3921


Looking for a risk-free way to introduce your patients to mercury-free hearing aid batteries? Rayovac supports ProLine Advanced Mercury Free with their Test the Best product guarantee program. The program invites your patients to try Rayovac’s new product and compare the battery performance to the brand they typically use. If they are not satisfied with the performance of ProLine Advanced Mercury Free, Rayovac will refund their money.

(800) 356-7422


ReSound introduces Surround Sound by ReSound, a surround sound processor providing breakthrough sound. Patients notice a significant difference in the fidelity of the sound. This breakthrough in sound technology is available in two new product families: ReSound Live and dot2 by ReSound. To complement this array of new products, ReSound provides a collection of consumer marketing resources. Promote your practice and attract new patients utilizing tested and proven campaigns.

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Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc

Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc is a leading manufacturer of innovative hearing instruments. At Siemens, our goal is to help restore the beauty of sound for all people living with hearing loss. We are proud to introduce two exciting hearing solutions: Nitro, a family of powerful instruments, perfect for people with severe hearing loss; and Explorer, the only solution designed just for children. Why miss a decibel of life?

(800) 766-4500


Latitude gives you freedom of choice, with three distinct product lines, the most diverse styles, and unparalleled performance across the entire family. Crossover to Fuse, the new class of hearing instruments from Unitron that puts everything you love about open-fit BTEs out of sight and completely inside the ear. Fuse is the evolution of open, leveraging purpose-driven innovations to deliver industry firsts in performance, comfort, and style. Featuring the world’s first articulating joint, Fuse moves naturally within the ear canal for greater comfort and retention.

(800) 888-8882


Widex USA offers two highly popular general information consumer brochures. Understanding Hearing and Hearing Loss and Getting the Most Out of Your New Hearing Aids are educational, 16-page booklets that provide helpful information to consumers about every step in the amplification process. In terms of product-specific literature, Widex’s newest consumer brochure is called Ultimate Performance in Noise—Dual ISP, and it promotes the patient benefits and features of mind440, the company’s premier line of hearing instruments.

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Williams Sound

At Williams Sound, “Helping People Hear” is not just our motto; it is the core of our business philosophy. For more than 30 years, Williams Sound has been providing hearing care professionals with remarkable products and exceptional service. We help your clients enjoy the sounds of life and stay connected to their world with popular products like the Pocketalker Personal Amplifier, Motiva Personal FM, TVTalker TV Infrared System, and the Teletalker Amplified Telephone. Contact us for more information on marketing materials and how you can profit from assistive listening devices.

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