Secaucus, NJ — Panasonic Hearing Instruments has introduced the R1-W series, a new line of open fit receiver-in-canal (RIC) digital hearing instruments with Bluetooth functionality, designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

The R1-W series offers three models. Each offers a compact size with a sleek, curved shape that fits comfortably and discreetly behind the ear.

The line includes Hearing Hub, a feature that allows users to wirelessly connect the hearing instrument to Bluetooth®-compatible mobile phones, and landlines.

The R1-W also offers Audio Transmitter, an accessory that plugs directly into a television’s audio-output port to transmit sound wirelessly into the R1-W series through the Hearing Hub. A remote control allows users to adjust the volume level and programs of their hearing instruments.

In addition to its hearing functions, Hearing Hub also allows users to record voice memos, such as personal reminders and phone numbers, allowing for up to five 2-minute and 40-second recorded files.

The R1-W also features a new battery management tool that is designed to protect the battery by preventing drainage when placed in a dehumidifier. The feature reportedly helps the instrument’s power last for approximately 300 hours.

Additionally, to address individuals with dexterity challenges, batteries can be replaced by simply rotating R1-W’s dial to dislodge old batteries and replace with new ones.

Delain D. Wright, director of sales, Panasonic Healthcare Group, commented in the press release, "We are building on a well planned strategy that includes the right products and business models that are attractive to forward thinking professionals. As a new player in the United States hearing market and with our brand strength, we are finding that professionals are embracing our vision to deliver meaningful solutions to a broad segment of people who want to hear better.”

SOURCE: Panasonic Hearing Instruments