Wearing masks have become common practice during the COVID-19 pandemic. For people who use behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, however, this may be uncomfortable, according to a blog posting by audiologist Sheri Gostomelsky on the ChicagoNow website.

Gostomelsky suggests several creative solutions to the problem which include putting your hair in a bun and looping the elastic around the bun itself; sewing buttons onto a headband that the mask loops over; creating an extension for the mask, and sewing or purchasing a mask with ties instead of elastic.

To read the posting in its entirely, please click here. Hearing Review also recently published a study by Goldin, Weinstein, and Shiman about how medical masks essentially functioned as a low-pass acoustic filter for speech, attenuating the high frequencies (2000-7000 Hz) spoken by the wearer by 3 to 4 dB for a simple medical mask and close to 12 dB for the N95 masks.

Source: ChicagoNow