Signia, Piscataway, NJ, has announced the release of the new Pure 13 BT primax, reportedly the world’s first hearing aid with both HD binaural and direct streaming. According to the company, the Cellion primax is the world’s first lithium-ion inductive charging hearing aid and lasts two days without recharging. With Silk primax, healthcare providers can give patients a CIC on the spot without them having to wait for a custom-made hearing aid, thanks to the super-soft silicone Click Sleeves, now also available for RICs.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.42.54 AMEquipped with the primax star platform, the company says the new Pure 13 BT primax is designed to revolutionize precise hearing. It combines an innovative application of Bluetooth low-energy with high-definition binaural hearing to deliver better-than-normal hearing and a direct connection to iPhone, says Signia. It uses detailed, Bluetooth-based data in combination with the new myControl app to provide a clear overview of the wearer’s acoustic environment. The myControl app acts as a relay-less remote control for quick and easy changes to settings like volume and programs, and delivers advanced adjustment options for personalization. Similar to a fitness tracker, the myControl App helps wearers look after their hearing health by identifying when they are being exposed to potentially harmful noise in their daily lives. Users are also able to stream music, phone calls, and TV into the hearing aids.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.43.44 AMFor example, if the wearer is walking in a noisy environment, the hearing aids register the wearer is in motion, and automatically adjust to better hear a conversation partner at their side or from the back while maintaining awareness of environmental sounds like sirens, approaching vehicles, or pedestrians. This improves the wearer’s listening comfort and safety.

Signia’s High Definition (HD) binaural technology is designed to create industry-leading audiological features throughout the entire portfolio, while TeleCare 2.0 offers an unprecedented level of precise remote adjustments.

Source: Signia