Eden Prairie, Minn — ExSilent has just announced the release of Ytango, the first behind-the-ear hearing aid system with MaRiC, a patented technology that places the microphone inside the ear canal, allowing the concha and the ear canal to retain their natural acoustic sound-enhancing properties.

Ytango MaRIC technology allows for more natural sound by enabling users to more precisely pinpoint where a sound comes from. The design also reduces wind noise and enables patients to retain the ability to understand conversation in noisy situations.

The Ytango design consists of two modules: a module with the microphone and receiver in the canal (MaRiC) and a module with the processor and battery behind the ear. The module in the ear fits deeply, so it is nearly invisible. This is an important step forward in removing barriers to hearing aid use among today’s style-conscious consumers.

The Ytango product line consists of three devices. The Ytango BTE is the base model with the company’s new MaRiC technology.

The Ytango Pro adds AirTAP, another technology first from ExSilent, originally introduced on the Qleaf Pro CIC in February 2011. AirTAP lets users select programs with a slight touch. Simply pat the ear and the Ytango Pro switches smoothly through four personal preset programs to adapt to different listening situations.

The third in the Ytango product line is the Pro-T model, which adds a telecoil, allowing users to listen to mobile phones, MP3 players, and other audio equipment with a Bluetooth-enabled neck loop.

The Ytango line also includes newly designed soft domes in different sizes with an open or closed fit, minimizing the occlusion effect and enabling a more comfortable fit. Additionally, soft domes eliminate the need for audiologists to take ear impressions for the Ytango series.

The Ytango will be available in April 2011 and can be purchased from specialized hearing aid shops and audiology clinics.

ExSilent will demonstrate prototypes from the Ytango series at AudiologyNOW! on April 7-9 in Chicago, booth number 1467.

You can read more about ExSilent in an exclusive interview with HR‘s Editor, Karl Strom, in the March 2011 issue of The Hearing Review.


SOURCE: ExSilent