Minneapolis — Starkey Laboratories has introduced the new X Series™ of digital hearing aids. The new family includes an array of new features, including Voice iQ2, an update to Starkey’s noise reduction and speech preservation system, and Spectral iQ, a frequency lowering technology.

X Series introduces three new hearing aid styles: Xino,™ (pictured) Starkey’s smallest RIC to date, the new RIC 13, and a new Power Plus BTE.

Starkey recently updated its Wi series with many of the same new features, such as Voice iQ2. However, unlike the Wi, the X Series family does not have wireless functionality, but does include a broader style selection.

The new Xino is Starkey’s smallest RIC with 10A RIC features. It is designed to be nearly invisible when worn, and fits all types of hearing loss, with receivers ranging from 40dB to 70dB Absolute Power (AP) receivers.

The company says that Xino is the only 10A RIC with a configurable user control, telecoil, and locking battery door that also includes all of Starkey’s wide range of advanced features.

The X seeries RIC 13 delivers the battery life of a standard 13 product in a case smaller than Starkey’s RIC 312. It includes a configurable user control for either volume or memory, as well as a telecoil, locking battery door, DAI capability and HydraShield2.

X Series also offers the new Power Plus BTE that comes with a 13 battery and delivers up to 80dB of gain.

For more details on the new line, visit www.starkeypro.com.

SOURCE: Starkey Laboratories