HR Archives | High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1 (January 1997 Hearing Review)

By Catherine Palmer, PhD, and Elaine Mormer, MA

This article provides an organized approach to hearing instrument orientation and adjustment to be used by the practicing hearing care professional. It is intended to provide the HCP with a format that can be implemented to meet the individual needs of each patient. The framework (or components) is the same for every patient, but the details change with each individual. In this way, the experienced dispensing professional can incorporate all of his/her expertise into this model. In order to approach the the hearing aid orientation in an organized manner and to ensure services are consistent among clinicians, we use a packet of forms, illustrated in this article, that serve as a guide to the hearing aid delivery process.

Note: This article was published in 1997, prior to the establishment of The Hearing Review website. To read or download a PDF of the article, please click here or on the image to the right.

Citation for this article: Palmer C, Mormer E. A systematic program for hearing instrument orientation and adjustment. In: Kochkin S, Strom K, eds. High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1: Counseling. Hearing Review. 1997 Jan;4(1)[Suppl]:45-52. Available at: