Archives | High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1 (January 1997 Hearing Review)

By Dean C. Garstecki, PhD, and Susan F. Erler, PhD

This article examines the nature of counseling as it relates to the hearing healthcare team. Three studies are discussed which examine:

  • The effect of hearing loss on communication and emotional adjustment to hearing loss
  • Factors that influence adherence with the hearing care professionals’ recommendations, and
  • The potential benefitof brief counseling in motivating hearing aid candidates to acquire hearing aids.

The need for further academic and clinical preparation in counseling is outlined along with specific counseling/instructional considerations.

Note: This article was published prior to the establishment of The Hearing Review website. To read or download the article, please click here.

Citation for this article: Garstecki DC, Erler SF. Counseling older adult hearing instrument candidates. In: Kochkin S, Strom K, eds. High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1: Counseling. Hearing Review. 1997;4(1)[Suppl]:14-18. Available at: