HR Archives | High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1 (January 1997 Hearing Review)

By Jay Singer, PhD, James Healey, MS, and John Preece, PhD

This article focuses on three major concepts: hearing aid acceptance as a form of behavioral change, the influence of explanatory style on wearer success or failure, and the practical elements of managing post-fitting wearer behavior. Behavioral change is discussed in terms of a transtheoretical approach, including the stages of change and its promotion. Explanatory style is related to a learned helplessness model and may account for the negative or defeated attitude common to some individuals who do not adapt to hearing aids. The Hearing Functioning Profile allows practitioners to methodically monitor and manage wearer post-fitting behavior.

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Citation for this article: Singer J, Healey J, Preece J. Hearing instruments: A psychologic and behavioral perspective. In: Kochkin S, Strom K, eds. High Performance Hearing Solutions, Vol 1: Counseling. Hearing Review. 1997 Jan;4(1)[Suppl]:23-27. Available at: