The expansion of the ReSound OMNIA™ Family combines narrow beamforming directionality and omnidirectional hearing

GN Hearing announced today the expansion of the popular ReSound OMNIA™ family, providing more options to address unmet needs for people with hearing loss, specifically hearing speech in noisy environments.

Despite hearing in noise being the main reason why people get hearing aids, 86% of people who wear them still struggle with speech understanding in noise. The launch will see GN Hearing expand the premium natural sound offering of ReSound OMNIA™ into more devices to match the needs and wants of a larger group of people. ReSound OMNIA provides, and is the only hearing solution to simultaneously combine two benefits, narrow beamforming directionality for hearing in noise and omnidirectional listening for a natural listening experience without feeling cut off understanding in noise at a 150% improvement in speech understanding in noise for a natural listening experience without feeling cut off.

As part of the expansion, GN is launching their smallest rechargeable RIE, the miniRIE. Reportedly, it is designed for comfort and offers all day battery life.

GN Hearing CEO and President, Gitte Aabo says “Nobody should feel limited by noisy environments. I’m delighted that more people can now benefit from these new best-in-class hearing aids which will help improve hearing in noise without leaving anyone feeling cut off. People with hearing challenges can now strengthen their connections to people and the world around them and hear the sounds that matter”.

All solutions under the ReSound OMNIA™ family will provide enhanced connectivity, whether users are streaming phone calls or music to their ears. Users can answer calls with a tap on their hearing aid and will have a clear conversation without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket.

The extended ReSound OMNIA™ portfolio is planned for Regulatory clearance and will be available globally starting with the US and Canada on February 23, 2023, along with the equivalent Beltone Achieve lineup.