Beltone  introduces brand-new miniRIE to help patients hear with innovative benefits

Beltone, has announced the expansion of its CES® Innovation Award winning Beltone Achieve™ hearing aid portfolio to include four additional style options for providers and patients to choose from, including the brand new miniRIE style.

“We’re very proud of the improvement of speech understanding in noise that Beltone Achieve provides and are thrilled to have additional styles utilizing this innovative technology for our Beltone hearing care professionals to offer to patients,” says Beltone President, David Molella. 

The device features advanced hearing technology from the original Beltone Achieve RIE released last year, the hearing aid family expands with the new Beltone Achieve miniRIE as well as Beltone Achieve Custom Rechargeable, Beltone Achieve CIC, and Beltone Achieve BTE hearing aids to help those with hearing loss experience more of life, even in noisy situations, with the style best suited for them.

The original Beltone Achieve Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids were released last August and have been receiving rave reviews from patients, providers, and in the media having won a CES® 2023 Innovation Award. Patient Greg Kupar shared his life-changing experience wearing Beltone Achieve hearing aids saying he’s able to continue working his job as a swim coach “Now with these marvelous hearing aids…my life is back! I am still walking around with a huge grin on my face and can now hear things I’ve been missing for decades!” 

The new model is planned for Regulatory clearance and will be rolled out globally starting with the US on February 23, 2023.

Source: Beltone 

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