Biotech company EOSERA®, Inc. announced the launch of Earwax MD for Kids on Amazon. In addition, Eosera’s first product, Earwax MD, is now available at select Target stores throughout the country, nationwide CVS stores, and on Amazon.

Earwax MD for Kids reportedly uses a patent-pending technology with completely new ingredients, designed to clean away earwax from the ear canal.

“My own kids have experienced earwax impaction due to the use of earbuds,” said Elyse Dickerson, founder and CEO of Eosera, Inc. “I noticed it after repeated requests for my kids to turn down the TV. The wax in their ears was blocking the sound, making it difficult to hear. Regular cleaning with Earwax MD for kids has helped prevent the wax buildup from reoccurring. Earwax MD is still the market’s newest formula that is safe, effective and clinically proven to clean and dissolve earwax in one application of 15-30 minutes.”

It’s been said that one of the main reasons for earwax buildup in children results from the wax being pushed further back into the ear canal which can result from using cotton swabs, earbuds, or the child sticking their finger in the ear.

Earwax MD is designed to allow patients to skip the doctor visit and stay home with Earwax MD to remove annoying wax, saving time, money, and frustration, according to Eosera. Earwax MD is also reportedly dermatologist-tested, with no evidence of irritation to the skin.

“Our product is designed to work quickly to clean away wax. The dual-action formula is the reason behind this scientific advancement,” explains Joe Griffin, CSO and co-founder of Eosera, Inc. “One part of our formula is designed to target the oils in the ear canal, and the second part of our formula is designed to help break apart the skin sheets that get trapped in the waxy buildup. All the ingredients work together to safely dissolve your wax, and clean the ear canal, and the dual-action mechanism is what sets us apart from the rest.”

“Earwax MD can be used safely at home by patients with impacted cerumen. However, it can also be a much more efficient way to take care of earwax in the doctor’s office,” according to Dr Soham Roy. “Currently, health care practitioners may send patients complaining of impacted earwax out of the office to try topical over-the-counter preparations for a few weeks, or even have to refer them out to an ENT specialist for ear cleaning. Now, with Earwax MD, a 15-30 minute treatment delivered in the office may be able to take care of the problem, avoiding the need for additional appointments, follow up, and specialist referrals.”

Healthcare professionals can visit for more information, or send an email to [email protected].

Source: Eosera

Image: Eosera