Fort Worth, Texas-based EOSERA® Inc announced that the biotech innovator achieved “exponential growth” in sales of the ear cleaning solution, Earwax MD, during the 2017 period. The company intends to expand distribution into more retailers, as well as launch an entire ear care line in 2018.  EOSERA is a majority woman-owned biotech company committed to developing innovative products that address underserved healthcare needs.

“Given that commercialization truly began to take full force in the second half of 2017, we are very satisfied with the commercialization of our first product to date,” said Elyse Dickerson, co-founder and CEO of EOSERA, Inc. “We are now working with key retailers that want to grow their ear care category by adding our premium line of ear care solutions. In 2018, we will expand our brand into a full range of products that address all kinds of ear-related problems. Our goal with bringing Earwax MD to market was to improve the lives of both doctors and patients by saving people time and money. This will be the case for all of our new products as well.”

With Earwax MD, patients have the ability to clean their ears at home, which can mean fewer visits to the doctor for earwax removal.

Earwax MD is currently distributed in three ways: through medical supply distributors, online (Amazon,, and, and on shelves at retail stores nationwide (CVS). CVS is reportedly the first and only major retailer to carry the product so far, but the company anticipates much larger distribution across major US retailers later in 2018.

Earwax MD was initially manufactured by a third party, but starting in mid-2017, EOSERA began making the transition to manufacture the product in-house. After a few months of trialing small manufacturing equipment, the company relocated and upgraded to a more sophisticated manufacturing line with greater efficiencies and capabilities. According to the company, Eosera’s manufacturing expansion has helped lower costs and maintain better inventory control. The company’s new investment has also reportedly created numerous jobs in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Additional job creation is expected later this year as Eosera continues to grow and launch new ear care products.

Source: EOSERA