Concord, NH —The State of New Hampshire wants its residents to “live free or die” with insurance coverage for hearing aids. A New Hampshire law passed in 2010 and effective January 1, 2011, requires all New Hampshire insurance companies to cover the cost of a hearing aid, for each ear, up to $1,500, plus the related fitting and dispensing services.

Specifically, the law states that “Each insurer that issues or renews any policy … must provide coverage for the professional services associated with the practice of fitting, dispensing, servicing, or sale of hearing instruments or hearing aids by a hearing instrument dispenser or other hearing care professional.”

Furthermore, the new law makes hearing benefits on par with other common medical services. In other words, all hearing benefits cannot be subject to any  deductible or coinsurance or co-pay that is greater than any other benefits provided by the insurer.

The new law, HB 561-FN, also states that insurers are required to cover the cost of a hearing aid and related expenses every 60 months. In addition, the insured has the option to choose a higher price hearing aid and pay the difference in cost.

SOURCE: State of New Hampshire