Microson booth

Microson’s booth at the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition 2015, held in Dubai, UAE, January 26-29.

Hearing aid manufacturer Microson, based in Barcelona, Spain, has announced its participation in the 40th Arab Health Congress and Exhibition on January 26-29, 2015 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, UAE. The event is considered by many to be the Middle East’s top health conference.

The 2015 Arab Health Congress and Exhibition brings together medical device manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors in the healthcare sector from all over the world, and many of the latest hospital and medical services and equipment are showcased there. The 2015 event is divided into 4 different areas: hospital services and medical care, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, medical laboratory and instrumentation, and international pharmaceutical products.

The participation of companies in the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition is generally aimed at establishing new business contacts while showcasing exportable products. In conjunction with the show, there is a program of medical conferences on a number of different specialities, with over 10,000 professional delegates participating.

According to the announcement from Microson, the Middle Eastern market is a key focus of the internationalization strategy of the company, which currently exports to 9 countries in the region. The company reports that 33% of its hearing aid exports in 2014 were shipped to the Middle East. Through its participation in the Arab Health Congress and Exhibition, Microson aims to increase its presence in the region, particularly in Saudi Arabia, using new distributors.The company says it’s goal is to increase exports to the Middle East by 50% in 2015.

Microson reports that it also has plans to invest in Latin America in the coming years. The company currently exports its hearing aids to more than 40 countries in the world, principally in Latin America, Europe, and the Near East. 

Source: Microson

Microson’s booth at the Arab Health Exhibiton is in the Official ICEX Pavilion.