Cochlear Americas has announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a one-of-a-kind Aqua Accessory that is compatible with the Cochlear Nucleus 5 Sound Processor.

The Aqua Accessory is a custom cover with a double zip lock seal designed to hold the processor and coil inside, and can be worn behind the ear in the normal position. It is designed to be used in any water-based activities to a depth of four meters for up to one hour.

Cochlear Implant Aqua Cochlear America’s Aqua Accessory (click to enlarge)         

“The Aqua Accessory, combined with the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor, allows recipients to hear in every environment, including swimming in the pool, which we know is a high priority for many,” said Chris Smith, president of Cochlear Americas. “We are pleased to be the first to introduce a behind-the-ear swimming option for cochlear implant users and look forward to seeing them relax and have fun in and out of the water.”

The Aqua Accessory is a solution for protecting sophisticated cochlear implant technology from water Cochlear Implant Aqua wearing cropped
damage. It is designed to provide more underwater options for people who currently use a Nucleus 5 Sound Processor, which already has the highest level of water resistance for an ear level device. Prior to the availability of the Aqua Accessory, people using the Nucleus 5 Sound Processor could be in and around water, but could not swim underwater. However, now people have the ability to swim worry-free in chlorinated pools, partial saltwater/chlorinated pools, salt water, and soapy and fresh water.

With the new Aqua Accessory, an IP68 waterproof rating is achieved without the need to purchase an additional sound processor for swimming, and it is quick and easy to put on and take off during normal water activities. 

The Aqua Accessory can be pre-ordered from the Cochlear Americas store in packs of 5, 15, and 30. It’s also available in Latin America and Canada.

SOURCE: Cochlear America