April 5, 2007

The 4th International Pediatric Conference “A Sound Foundation through Early Amplification,” sponsored by Phonak and chaired by Prof. Richard Seewald and Prof. John Bamford, will be in Chicago from Dec. 6 through Dec. 8.

Speakers have been chosen from among leading experts in pediatric audiology to provide a mix of topics and clinical relevance. The Phonak Pediatric Advisory Board serves as the steering committee for the event.

“The program is exceptional by all international standards,” Seewald said. “With this conference, we are bringing together some of the very best experts from throughout the world to discuss current developments and issues in pediatric habilitative audiology.”

The program will focus on early identification and habilitation and will cover a wide range of relevant topics. During the conference a separate session is planned to view submitted posters. Researchers from throughout the world will be presenting their findings relating to the key subject areas presented at the conference. For further information and registration go to www.phonak.com/conference.