Stäfa, Switzerland Phonak has announced that adjunct professor Harvey Dillon, director of the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) in Sydney, Australia, is the latest speaker who will be presenting at the Phonak European Pediatric Amplification Conference, taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, November 14-15, 2011.

Dillon will be speaking on the application of cortical auditory evoked potential responses (CAEPs) in the evaluation of hearing aid effectiveness in young babies.

CAEPs are neural responses that are generated in the cortex in response to auditory signals. Clinicians can use CAEPs as a measurement tool to evaluate the perception of sound by infants wearing hearing aids or cochlear implants. The cortical response confirms that the stimulus sound has been detected by the infant.

This method is advantageous, since behavioral testing is not required; however, the infant must be in a calm, awake state. CAEPs can also show parents the benefit that hearing aids or cochlear implants are providing to their child.

Dillon joins 18 international experts who will present their latest research and clinical experiences during the 2-day event.

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SOURCE: Phonak