Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces:

S Series iQ, featuring Voice iQ, a new noise reduction and speech preservation system. Developed over 3 years at the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, Calif, Voice iQ is noise reducing technology that reduces noise between syllables of speech—helping to overcome one of the most common complaints of hearing aid wearers.

“Voice iQ truly takes hearing aid technology to a new level,” said Jerry Ruzicka, president of Starkey. “We have spent three years developing a way to address speech understanding in noise and S Series iQ does it better than any other technology out there. We are doing for the problem of hearing in noise what we have already done to eliminate feedback.”

Voice iQ uses a two-part algorithm—dynamic voice identification paired with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis, which improves sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise. Coupled with InVision Directionality, with high diffuse field DI scores and low operational noise floor, Voice iQ is proven to preserve speech understanding in noise, says the company. The system classifies inputs every six milliseconds and adapts every 20 milliseconds, to diminish noise between syllables.

S Series iQ is available in all hearing aid styles including the new mini featuring Sweep technology. Sweep Technology gives patients the ability to change the volume and memory settings on their hearing aids with the sweep or touch of a finger. The device has 60dB
of maximum gain.

Inspired by the same award-winning language as the company’s BTE and receiver-in-canal (RIC), mini can be fit with standard earmolds or open with thin tubing. As with all of the company’s standard products, mini includes Advanced HydraShield, a proprietary moisture and corrosion protection system, and T2 Remote, giving patients the ability to adjust hearing aid volume or memories with a touch-tone phone.

Features include:
– PureWave Feedback Eliminator features up to 25dB of added stable gain and a faster response to more complex feedback.
– Sweep Technology on the BTE and mini offer patients a way to change volume and settings on their hearing aids.
– Starkey says its Comfort Fit process guarantees a perfect custom hearing aid fit.
– T2 Remote allows patients to control their hearing aids using any cell or touch-tone phone.
– Live Real Ear Measurement allows a hearing professional to see the hearing aid output in a patient’s ear in real-ear SPL, allowing for a precise fitting the first time.
– Offers a broad RIC family, with receivers ranging from 40 gain to the 71 gain Absolute Power (AP).

Telehealth with Starkey On Demand
The company reports that practitioners can now provide the benefits of telehealth and elevate their interaction with patients through Starkey’s On Demand options. T2 On Demand allows a hearing care professional to make common, standard adjustments to a patient’s hearing aids over the phone. Using touch-tone (DTMF) response to unlock and adjust the aids remotely is convenient for the patient and allows the provider to have more control. In addition, the company continues to offer Audiology On Demand, immediate, real-time assistance during difficult fittings. Part of the company’s Inspire software, Audiology On Demand gives a provider instant access to a Starkey professional who can remotely connect to the fitting computer to provide suggestions and guidance.

S Series iQ OtoLens, an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, is a custom-molded hearing aid built using the company’s Comfort Fit process and lives in the second bend of the ear, meaning that it is 100% invisible with minimal occlusion, the company says. OtoLens features the same technology and digital signal processing as Starkey’s leading product family, S Series iQ, and provides 35dB of gain which allows professionals to fit patients with moderate to severe hearing loss.

OtoLens takes advantage of Voice iQ, and the device also includes other S Series iQ features. OtoLens features T2 Remote enabling patients to adjust their IIC’s volume or memory. Patients can change its size 10 battery on their own, without needing additional tools or visits to their hearing care professional.

Also, the company is launching the Hearing Innovation Mobile Tour. The Tour’s semi truck and trailer will travel the country starting April 19 in the San Diego area, visiting cities across the country from west to east, hosting hearing care professional and consumer events throughout the summer.

Some of the interactive elements on unit will include:

– Wireless demonstration

– Audio demonstration showcasing Voice iQ

– OtoLens product introduction

– Starkey On Demand demonstration

– Hearing tests for patients

During AudiologyNOW!, the vehicle was displayed on the USS Midway aircraft carrier, at the Midway Museum in San Diego. A list of cities is posted on

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[Source: Starkey]