Copenhagen — GN Otometrics has launched the updated version of AURICAL, a complete, modular fitting solution with a new design.

When Otometrics initiated the project some years ago, they started out with three concepts. The first concept was a Swiss army knife, a tool with a wide array of features. The second concept was called Fitting 2.0 and was a very futuristic approach to fitting of hearing instruments. And the third idea was a concept of a Fitting Friend.

The company eventually chose the third concept, believing that the core of a new fitting solution should be to build the relationship between dispensers and their clients.

The new AURICAL solution provides a great deal of flexibility, having both a complete solution and a collection of stand-alone components. The compact lightweight design lets the clinician bring the AURICAL on home visits or move it between offices.

The device is adaptable to the clinician’s working environment with its ability to be mounted on the wall, under the desk, or on a VESA arm, enabling users to work closer to the client.

The system is FDA approved and features wireless probe tube microphone measurements (PMM), a binaural fitting audiometer, a wireless PMM unit, a loudspeaker, an HIT box, and the company’s OTOsuite software.

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SOURCE: GN Otometrics