Advanced Bionics, Valencia, Calif, recently introduced several new accessories designed to make using their behind-the-ear (BTE) sound processors more convenient, comfortable, and connected for adult and pediatric recipients.

The items include:
· The Kinder Clip, which allows Harmony BTE sound processors to grow with pediatric recipients by enabling the processor to be worn completely off the ear and on the collar or shirt instead
· The Snuggie, which securely fits over little ears to keep the active child’s or adult’s processor in place
· Skinit device covers, which allow recipients of all ages to dress up their processors with  designs ranging from sports and fashion to art and create-your-own

“These new accessories are great additions for both active kids and adults who want to make sure their processor stays in place while they’re playing sports, exercising or taking part in other lively activities," said Jeffrey H. Greiner, CEO of Advanced Bionics, in a statement. 

To purchase Kinder Clip and Snuggie accessories, please call AB’s customer service at (877) 829-0026 or (800) 678-3575 TTY. Learn more about Skinit device covers for AB sound processors by visiting

Advanced Bionics, which develops advanced cochlear implant systems, was partnered with Phonak under the Sonova Group in 2009.

[Source: Advanced Bionics]