Microson, a Spain-based hearing aid manufacturer, announced it will present its latest innovation: the M4 OPEN hearing aid at the 63rd edition of the EUHA Congress taking place October 17-19 at the Hannover convention centre in Germany.

Innovation and technology to improve users’ quality of hearing

The Microson M4 OPEN is said to be a new, open-fit solution that has been designed with advanced technology to offer users high- quality sound in a “very small” device.

Microson Open Fit

Microson Open Fit

Microson M4 OPEN is reportedly “the smallest hearing aid in its category” and includes a noise reducer to help users hear natural sound with less echo. Additional features include eight independent channels, 16 bands, a feedback canceller, wind noise cancellers and a white noise generator to help treat tinnitus, according to Microson’s announcement.

Nanoproof by Microson, the company’s commitment to innovation

In addition to the new M4 OPEN, Microson has developed the Nanoproof system, which protects hearing aids both internally and externally with a material described as being “between a solid and a liquid.” This coating reportedly protects hearing aids against humidity, sweat, and other external agents.

Source: Microson

Images: Microson