A woman who attended a Justin Bieber concert in Oregon with her daughter claims that Bieber and concert organizers have caused her to have tinnitus. She is suing Bieber and his concert promoters for a little over $9 million.

The lawsuit documents, which can be downloaded here, allege that Bieber’s prop design and his instigation of the crowd of teenagers to scream at high decibel levels caused the woman’s tinnitus.

In particular, the complaint says that Bieber’s a heart-shaped steel or aluminum gondola, which was suspended over the audience, acted as a sound conductor that created a sound blast that permanently damaged her hearing.

The complaint names an Oregon audiologist who has diagnosed the woman with tinnitus and is treating her for the condition. At this time, neither the woman’s daughter nor any other concert-goer has joined the suit.

Hearing Review recently reported on a study about teenagers experiencing hearing loss after attending a pop concert. In the study, 25% of the teens reported they were experiencing tinnitus, which they did not have before the concert.

SOURCE: The filed complaint and multiple news reports