Siemens Hearing Instruments has redesigned its hearing aid packaging in the United Kingdom in order to support the National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain’s commitment to sustainability. As a result, the company says it will achieve an estimated 15% reduction in its carbon footprint with the new packaging.

The fully recyclable new packaging reduces the transit carbon footprint for delivering the hearing products, as well as required storage space. Specifically, the packaging size has been reduced by a third, eliminating both weight and size.

Additionally, the plain black and white cardboard sleeves on the new packaging use less ink than standard Siemens packaging and are lighter and thinner.

"Siemens Hearing Instruments is dedicated to promoting green values," said Mark Laben, product and marketing manager at Siemens. "We have completely redesigned the packaging of our NHS products to meet the NHS Supply Chain commitment to sustainability. We are proud to further strengthen our green credentials and are committed to improving environmental sustainability within the audiology solutions industry.”

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments, UK