The 20th Annual Conference on Management of the Tinnitus Patient will take place October 5 to 6, 2012, at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Sponsored by the university’s Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery and the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, the conference is intended for otologists, audiologists, psychologists, and nurses who provide clinical management services for patients with tinnitus.

The proceedings will be hosted by University of Iowa faculty members Shelley Witt, MA, audiologist; Marlan Hansen, MD, neurotologist; Rich Tyler, PhD, audiologist; and Jeff Alden, MD, psychiatrist.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a review of current evaluation and management strategies for the treatment of tinnitus. The conference will also provide information to patients who have tinnitus, their family, and friends, but it will not include individual diagnosis and treatment.

Speakers and presentations will include:

  • Josef P. Rauschecker, PhD, DSc, Georgetown University, Tinnitus and the Brain
  • Carol Bauer, MD, The Unipolar Brush Cell Might Cause Tinnitus
  • Tom Brozoski, PhD, Understanding Animal Models and What We Have Learned About Tinnitus
  • Christina T. Stocking, AuD, Setting Up a Tinnitus Clinic
  • Claudia Coelho, MD, Exploratory Studies on Treating Tinnitus with Zinc, Muscle Relaxants And Diet in Specific Subgroups
  • Stephen M. Nagler, MD, Tinnitus: The Role of the Audiologist as Seen Through the Eyes of the Physician
  • Robert Sweetow, PhD, Preferred Characteristics for Acoustical Signals in the Sound Therapy
  • Michael D. Seidman, MD, Brain Stimulation Alternative and Complementary Approaches
  • Jennifer J. Gans, PsyD, Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction
  • Laurence McKenna, PhD, Sleep Help for Tinnitus Patients

Visit the University of Iowa Web site for more information and to register.

SOURCE: University of Iowa