Sensaphonics 3D-RO

Sensaphonics, Chicago, has opened a Custom Shop, offering modifications to the 3D Active Ambient IEM System, a custom in-ear system with embedded microphones that allows musicians to hear and control the level of sounds around them with both earphones in place.

It is headed by sound-engineering consultant Thom “Sound Guy” Fiegle.  

The new Custom Shop mods, hand-wired on the 3-D mixer-amplifier’s circuit board, extend this functionality further. Available options include the 3D-RO, a record output, and the 3D-CROS, a special modification for users with unilateral hearing loss.

Sensaphonics President Michael Santucci, AuD, says in a statement released by the company that the Custom Shop began was spawned following user requests. “The 3D-CROS is a unique application of a specific audiology solution, while the record out option involved a request from a front-of-house engineer who wanted to capture exactly what he was hearing." Since the company has developed the circuit board modifications required, they are offering these options to all of their customers.

The record out option provides a stereo mini-jack output being added to the circuit board, allowing users to record the binaural audio picked up by the system’s embedded ambient earphone microphones. A return input is also provided to monitor the recording process. Using an outboard recording device, the 3-D user can then record the precise audio experience they are hearing for later enjoyment, says the company. The 3D-RO option is suitable for sound engineers who want to capture their live mix as heard from the mix position, and for “tapeheads” wishing to capture their personal live concert experience exactly as heard at the ears.

In the 3D-CROS, the ambient audio picked up by the two embedded earphone mics is all routed to the good ear, providing the full ambient listening experience.“CROS” is an audiology acronym that stands for “Contra-lateral Routing Of Signal,” a technique used for patients who are deaf in one ear.

 Fiegle can be reached at (877) 848-1714 or via the Web site.

[Source: Sensaphonics]