ZPower, Camarillo, Calif, has released a new product development kit to help product designers evaluate its rechargeable, silver-zinc battery technology for upcoming product designs for hearing instruments, medical devices, wearable computing, and other applications.? ?ZPower says these batteries are better than traditional nickel metal-hydride rechargeable batteries because they deliver up to three times the energy in both XR41/312 and XR48/13 battery sizes. Silver-zinc technology also has significant energy density advantages over lithium-ion microbatteries while operating at a lower voltage, it adds.

ZPower_batteries_lr“We want to encourage designers and engineers across many industries to consider ZPower microbatteries for their next design,” says Troy Renken, vice president of product planning and electronics at ZPower. “Our batteries are superior in the areas of performance and environmental sustainability, and our design services make it easy for developers to test and implement this game changing battery technology.”

The kit is available to product designers, engineers, and developers for applications in any industry that would benefit from a high energy density rechargeable microbattery.?It includes:

  • Two batteries – size XR41/312 or XR48/13
  • Z125 hybrid regulator evaluation board and data sheet
  • Charger system

Designed and manufactured in Calif, ZPower batteries are the first new rechargeable battery technology for portable electronics to be launched since lithium-ion was introduced in the 1990s.

Source: ZPower