product Maico Diagnostics
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the new Maico MA 42 with a soft side carrying case. This enhancement reduces the weight of the unit to just under 10 lbs. Features include two-channel air and bone conduction, speech testing, and sound field, making the MA 42 suitable for satellite officers or bedside testing. Attendees of AAA are invited to stop by the Maico exhibit to see the Ero·Scan. This hand-held OAE system can perform routine and comprehensive audiologic evaluations. For added flexibility, the DPOAE, TEOAE, and combo system are offered. Both units have advanced adjustable and programmable features. For full-page customized reporting capabilities, inquire about the optional database software. (952) 941-4200.

product GN Otometrics
GN Otometrics recently began shipments of its new Madsen Itera two-channel Diagnostic Audiometer to the hearing care industry. The ergonomic design of this audiometer has been developed to set a new standard in aesthetic design and is reportedly driving the demand for this new instrument. Itera is built on a very thin platform with all the controls laid out ergonomically for comfort and speed. Even the angle of the instrument was researched to prevent operator fatigue and to provide optimum operation and viewing capability for the tester. Itera is also upgradeable to allow high frequency testing to 16kHz, and is NOAH™ 2.0 and 3.0 compatible. Itera includes special tests (Stenger, ABLB and SISI), master hearing aid function, and can accommodate CD/Tape external outputs, making it a versatile instrument for any hearing care practice. Itera has a small footprint and is also lightweight for ease of portability. Economically priced, Itera is designed to combine value with advanced performance. (952) 769-8109.

product Frye Electronics
Frye Electronics offers the FONIX FA-10 and the FA-12 Hearing Evaluators. These digital two-channel audiometers provide everything that most dispensers and clinicians need, including a master hearing aid. The product is designed for reliability and problem-free operation. Features include narrow band, speech noise, the Stenger test, built-in microphones, and the ability to calibrate separate frequencies in the sound field. SISI, ABLB, and MLB tests are standard features. Several optional accessories, such as portable sound field speakers, are available. The units may be purchased with headphones, insert earphones, or both. Dual calibration is available. (503) 620-2722.

product Benson Medical
Historically, audiometers and the computer that stores their data have been separate pieces of equipment. This always means a higher price tag and greater complexity. The CCA-220 Plus Industrial Audiometer is designed specifically to deliver everything needed seamlessly integrated into one complete, affordable system. This includes the ability to perform testing, store all data, and produce reports from one device. The CCA-220 also delivers test and error instructions in 10 languages (there is room for an additional 54 languages), produces full-page reports and letters, and backs up data to floppy disk. (612) 827-2222.

product Interacoustics AC40
The AC40 clinical audiometer comes standard with RS232, printer output, test data storage/output, high frequency, assistant communication, calibration, and hardware outputs for all transducers. Optional software packages allow for data storage or transfer to NOAH™. It is reportedly the most economical audiometer in its class. The smaller, lightweight AD229e is designed to offer most of the test protocols needed for the majority of clinical and dispensing practices. It comes standard with RS232 interface, printer output, test data storage/output, MHA, independent calibration memory for transducers, and NOAH compatibility. The optional carrying case lets you take your clinic on the road. (800) 947-6334.

product Siemens Hearing Solutions
The Siemens UNITY™ audiometer is a two-channel, PC-based, NOAH™ compatible, diagnostic audiometer that is software-based to fit your testing needs. It features two air-conduction transducer calibrations, and tone and speech audiometry. It includes special tests such as Automated Tone Decay, and Ipsilateral Speech-in-Noise. The flexible print feature enables customization of audiogram printouts, and hearing test results can be saved in NOAH™ or the UNITY database. (732) 562-6600.

product MedRx
The MedRx OtoWizard includes a computerized easy-to-use clinical puretone audiometer with air conduction, bone conduction, masking and speech testing. It supports both mouse and keyboard operation. Discreet frequency HLs, MCLs, and UCLs are automatically plotted to a single audiogram. The word list feature in SRT and discrimination speech testing is a valuable clinical and counseling tool. Stenger and ABLB functions are also available. This audiometer also includes AC, BC, and FF; HL, MCL, and UCL; tone and warble; NBN masking; 125-8000 Hz test frequencies; talkover with VU adjustment; talkback; single large audiogram display; speech canoe; speech sounds overlay; and automatic plotting and storing of data to NOAH.™ (727) 392-9000.

product Qualitone
The Qualitone Acoustic Appraiser, model CD3, is a portable, lightweight, two-channel, Type I audiometer featuring a built-in CD player with random-access test selection. It comes with the Q/MASS speech materials CD that was developed in a joint project by Qualitone and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. The CD3 offers sound-field capabilities using two SK-3 speakers and an integrated master hearing aid system. The CD3 also features electronic frequency switching from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz with a digital readout, in addition to all of the functionality necessary for pure-tone and speech testing. The sleek look of the CD3 and its wide range of capabilities are designed to make this a top-of-the-line audiometer for today’s hearing care professional. (952) 927-7161.

product Micro Audiometrics
Micro Audiometrics, Murphy, NC, manufactures the DSP Pure Tone Audiometer. Designed to be the most portable hearing testing instrument on the market today, the DSP can perform both a manual threshold exam and an automatic screening test. Weighing only 10 ounces and operating on standard AAA batteries, the DSP will test frequencies from 250-8000 Hz, and levels from -10 to 80 dB. Standard accessories for the DSP include a carrying case, batteries, and hearing results pad. The Earscan Acoustic Impedance Pure Tone Audiometer is a portable and cost effective instrument designed to be easy to use. With the ability to perform an impedance test in 1 second, it is particularly useful for very young and uncooperative patients. Having both impedance and Pure Tone Impedance Audiometry in a single unit means only one piece of equipment is needed to perform most screenings. (800) 729-9509.

product Sennheiser
The Sennheiser HDA 200 Audiometric Headphone is a closed, dynamic headphone system designed for extended high-frequency testing. This unit offers excellent passive sound attenuation, and is based on the industrial Peltor™ Ear Defender. Features include a single sided cable, padded headband with adjustable/removable cushion, soft, replaceable circumaural ear pads, and color coded ear cups for easy identification: red for right, blue for left. The sound reproduction and PTB calibrated response (equivalent to the National Bureau of Standards) reportedly ensure reliable results. (860) 434-9190.