Avada Hearing Care Centers will be holding its Avada Business Conference on October 7-10, 2012, in Nashville. The theme for this year’s conference is “Building a Successful Practice with Integrity.”

The conference is designed to advance their hearing care professionals’ business skills and to provide a broader understanding of their importance in the lives of the patients in their local markets.

Avada said that it chose the practice integrity theme to highlight the organization’s campaign to raise the quality standards for patient care with the implementation of new nationwide patient protocol standards.

Two years ago, Avada implemented one set of patient care protocols for the entire company. The company reports that the protocols have already defined and raised standards so that patients now receive the same quality of routine care from coast to coast. Consequently, this year’s conference is also meant to reinforce the reasons behind the new Avada Patient Care Protocols and how they improve Avada’s hearing health care business.

Avada operates several hundred hearing health care centers nationwide and expects that over 200 hearing clinicians will attend the event.

SOURCE: Avada Hearing Care Centers