Vivosonic has released its new Integrity V500 ABR "Lite," which provides auditory evoked potential testing (ABR and ECochG) at a more moderate price point than the full-featured V500.

ABR neurodiagnostic testing can be used as an alternative screening tool for auditory pathway lesions, especially when MRI procedures are contraindicated. Integrity "Lite" enables doctors, audiologists, and technicians to accurately assess patients in a typical ENT clinic without investing in changes to facilities.

In addition to detecting lesions in the auditory pathway, Integrity "Lite" can be used to estimate the degree of overall hearing loss and assist in the diagnosis of Ménière’s disease, as well as help diagnose auditory neuropathy. An extended ABR recording window provides further diagnostic value.

Other features included in the V500 ABR “Lite” are Kalman-weighted averaging, wireless recording, and a patented electrode-mounted amplifier (Amplitrode®).

If the clinic requires additional ABR and ECochG capabilities, or additional modalities, such as DPOAE, TEOAE, fully automated ASSR, or 40 Hz ERP, it can upgrade from the “Lite” version to a full-featured IntegrityV500 system.

Vivosonic said that it designed “Lite” to be affordable in order to enable clinics with limited funding to have access to advanced technology. Training programs, academic institutions that teach auditory evoked potential measurement techniques may also find that the "Lite’s" features are sufficient.

Clinics in remote areas can also use multiple "Lite" units to deliver services to a central clinic via tele-audiology.

SOURCE: Vivosonic