Widex, Lynge, Denmark, announced the launch of the Flex Hard Solid Shell, a new custom shell that allows hearing healthcare professionals the flexibility to provide the option that best fits their patients.

The Flex Hard Solid Shell offers:

  • Longer tip length to optimize gain, reduce risk for feedback, and provide better retention.
  • Extended sound bore to provide double wax protection. By putting a Nanocare™ waxguard at the end of the receiver and then again at the end of the shell, the receiver has double the protection against wax and debris.

Available for Widex EASYWEAR RIC S, M and P-receivers, and for THIN TUBE 0.9 and 1.4, the Flex Hard Solid Shell is an excellent addition to the Widex custom shell options.

The new Flex Hard Solid Shell is now available for ordering at www.widexpro.com. Ordering online is fast, easy, and accurate. For those who prefer to use a paper order form, a new Custom Ear-tip and Earmold Order Form is available and may be downloaded from www.widexpro.com.

To learn more about customizing patient fittings, you may contact your local Widex Regional Sales Team or Widex Customer Care at 1-800-221-0188.

Source: Widex