An ex-police officer in Henderson, Nevada is battling the state for payment of worker’s compensation related to his claim that his duties caused the worsening of his progressive hearing loss, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Jared Spangler alleges that exposure to loud noises like sirens and gunshots in his radio earpiece exacerbated his hearing loss, as shown by a series of hearing tests he received annually.

The City of Henderson previously argued that Spangler was not entitled to worker’s compensation because he “did not produce sufficient evidence to show that the hearing loss was caused by a series of accidents because the law would require him to submit a workers’ compensation claim for each one.”

An appeals court, however, said that Spangler may be entitled to compensation if “his or her current employment triggered an occupational disease that aggravated the original condition beyond its natural progression,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal article.

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Source: The Las Vegas Review-Journal