A new bill on its way to the governor’s office in Ohio would allow motorcyclists to wear protective earplugs or earphones to guard against hearing loss, according to an AP article published on the US News & World Report website.

The House and Senate have approved the measure, according to the article, which would prohibit listening to music or entertainment while wearing ear protection.

According to the hear-it.org website, noise from both a motorcycle’s engines and the wind, while riding, can exceed 100dB, the threshold that Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) warns is only safe for up to 15 minutes without hearing protection. Earplugs, according to hear-it, can minimize up to 35dB of noise exposure.

To read the article on the US News website, click here.

Source: AP, US News & World Report, hear-it.org

Image: © Tamara Lee Harding | Dreamstime.com