Jamie Frater of ListVerse recently compiled an interesting list of very loud noises, including what might be the loudest noise ever in the history of the planet. Keep in mind that 85 dB is the sound level in which people start becoming at risk for hearing loss, and 120-130 dB can cause physical pain. A brief summary, from #10 to #1 in terms of loudness, is offered here (note, HR believes that most of the dB levels listed below are for relatively close distances to the sound source):

10) Rock Concert Speakers, 135-145 dB

9) Fireworks, 145-150 dB

8) Gunfire, 145-155 dB

7) NHRA Dragsters, 155-160 dB

6) Space Shuttle Launch, 165-170 dB

5) Blue Whale, 188 dB

4) Volcano (eg, Krakatoa, 1883), 180 dB

3) 1-ton TNT Bomb, 210 dB

2) 5.0 Richter Earthquake (epicenter), 235 dB

1) Tunguska Meteor (June 30, 1908, Russia), 300-315 dB

To check out Frater’s full list at ListVerse, click here.

Source: ListVerse