Aurora, Neb — Hamilton CapTel has released the Hamilton Mobile CapTel App for Android, which makes it possible for individuals with hearing loss to make and receive captioned telephone calls on their Android smartphone.

The free app allows users to listen, read captions of everything that is said during phone calls, and naturally respond, allowing clear and easy conversation.

Dixie Ziegler, vice president of Hamilton Relay, provider of Hamilton Mobile CapTel service, said in the press announcement, "With the introduction of this new app, Hamilton Mobile CapTel is now compatible with even more smartphone—Android, BlackBerry,  and iPhone. We are excited about more people having access to Hamilton Mobile CapTel as more platforms are now available."

The Android App features include:

  • Listening and simultaneously reading captions of what’s said on the Android screen
  • Placing and receiving calls with captions on a single device
  • Saving and reviewing conversations
  • In-app integration of contacts and phone numbers
  • Free captions in English or Spanish
  • Compatibility with Android OS 2.1 and higher
  • Works with any Android compatible headset, wired or Bluetooth
  • Available 24/7

Hamilton Mobile CapTel is a service that can be used on a single smartphone that is capable of supporting both voice and data simultaneously through a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. The free Hamilton Mobile CapTel App for Android can be downloaded at the Android Market by searching "Hamilton Mobile CapTel" and downloading directly.

Android users who are new to CapTel can visit for more details or may begin the one-time registration process.

SOURCE: Hamilton CapTel