Month: May 2012

This Old Anvil

One of my favorite poems is Carl Sandburg’s The People Yes. In it, he writes: “This old anvil laughs at many broken hammers. There are men who can’t be bought. The fireborn are at home in fire. The stars make no noise. You can’t hinder

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Noise Management in Modern Hearing Aid Fittings

It’s a noisy world, and noise continues to be a major issue for hearing aid users. This article presents an overview of noise management strategies, general guidelines for assessing patients’ hearing abilities in noise, and the application and implementation of various noise reduction options.

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Only YOU Can Prevent Hearing Aid Returns

Returns for credit in a practice can be significantly reduced by setting proper expectations, having the patient “take ownership” of their hearing loss, providing viable financing options, and giving the patient the best fit and counseling possible for their successful hearing rehabilitation.

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