Month: June 2008

Reported Hearing Aid Use Versus Datalogging in a VA Population

The objective analysis afforded by datalogging can provide the clinician with information to more effectively program the hearing aids and counsel the patient; however, the clinician is ultimately responsible for knowing how to use that information appropriately—particularly when there is a discrepancy between the user report and the datalogging.

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MPO: A Forgotten Parameter in Hearing Aid Fitting

It is important to select a hearing aid with a sufficiently high MPO such that the desired gain plus the input levels would not be limited by the MPO. The same considerations should also be applied to setting the MPO on a hearing aid in order to ensure maximum audibility and optimal SNR, while considering listening comfort.

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Mind the Ports! The Effect of Severe Microphone Inlet Occlusion

Maintaining microphone ports, ensuring they are free from occlusion, is very important to the function of the hearing aid. Severe occlusion of the rear microphone port may produce values of greater than 15 dB of increased output for non-frontally arriving sound that is otherwise attenuated by the directional processing.

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