A new law passed in Texas allows people with a disability or health condition limiting their communication abilities—such as hearing loss, autism, or speech disorders, among others—to indicate this on their vehicle registration, according to an article on the Kris 6 News website.
Senate Bill 976 aims to clear up any miscommunication that may occur during a traffic stop, as the health information will be available to an officer who runs the license plate through their system. Previously, Texas residents were only able to indicate their status on their driver’s license or on their license plate.

“You already know going into it that there’s going to be some type of communication barrier…so you know you’re going to be able to use those tools to help the traffic stop go smoothly,” said Sgt. Nathan Brandley of the Texas Department of Public Safety, who was quoted in the article.

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Source: Kris 6 News

Image: © Sergii Gnatiuk | Dreamstime.com