Washington, DC — The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) and the Assistive Technology Industry Association have teamed up to develop a research primer for assistive technology (AT) developers, manufacturers, and vendors.

The online guide and a series of webinars are designed to get AT developers up to speed on research in 2011.

The schedule of webinars and topics covered include:

Tue. April 26 – Usability Studies
This webinar will discuss best practices in usability research and learning effective methods of conducting research, in order to improve your product and engage your market.

Wed. June 1 – Market Research
This session will be a conversation about market research and how to engage current and potential customers. Guest speakers will be Jen Thalhuber, CEO and Cheryl Volkman, CEO Emeritus of AbleNet Inc.

Tue. June 28 – Case Study
Learn how to design and conduct a case study in a way that can inform your developers, engineers, and marketing staff about how your products are really being used.

Mon. July 25 – Single Subject Research
Participants will learn how to effectively conduct, analyze, and present single subject research. The field needs much more evidence on what works for whom, for which tasks, and under what conditions. Learn how this low-cost research can show the effectiveness of your product.

Tue. Aug 23 – Quasi-Experimental and Experimental Research
Understand what it takes to conduct these rigorous studies. Explore design issues that impact the generalizability of the findings, learn about resource and knowledge requirements and how to analyze your data.

SOURCE: The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI)