Schaumburg, Ill — ICS Medical, the balance assessment brand of GN Otometrics, will have its 30th anniversary in 2011. The company will celebrate the landmark with a year-long celebration that will focus on its history and new product launches.

The company has many innovative firsts in 30 years. Founded in 1981, ICS Medical broke new ground in balance testing with the first commercial computer-based system for electronystagmography (ENG). The company was the first to integrate computer-controlled optical and caloric stimuli with the recording and analysis system. It also launched CHARTR, the first Windows-based system that combined videonystagmography, electronystagmography and evoked potential in one platform, which was developed with Dr Charles W. Stockwell in 1999.

GN Otometrics acquired ICS Medical in 2000, which added balance assessment to its growing product portfolio. Rebranded as “ICS,” the instrumentation continued to be refined, most recently in partnership with Dr Kamran Barin. The Chartr 200 VNG/ENG was subsequently launched in 2006 and CHARTR EP 200 in 2009.

In addition to introducing several new ICS products throughout 2011, Otometrics will celebrate the 30 years of ICS with company events and activities. The first event will take place at this year’s AAA show in Chicago, where Dr Barin will make exclusive presentations at Otometrics’ Booth 2749.

SOURCE: Otometrics