Welcome to both the New Year and the new Hearing Review Products. Here is our first issue of 2009. You’ve no doubt already noticed our new name and size, so it should be no surprise that the magazine you’re reading right now is already a lot unlike—and a lot better than—the one you read last year.

Indeed, the exciting improvements we’ve made go far beyond a fresh masthead and dimensions. But first, I want to tell you why we did it. It’s simple, really: to forge a stronger bond and work in greater conjunction with our sister publication, The Hearing Review, the standard-bearer for editorial excellence in the hearing industry.

But cosmetic modifications won’t measure up to much if we don’t reinforce them on the inside with invigorated content that broadens and strengthens my commitment to maintain and grow HRP as the reliable resource you’ve come to expect, with each new issue focused exclusively on hearing health care products and services. So with that, let’s look at some of the new features you’ll be finding this year both in the magazine’s eight issues and online at www.hearingreview.com:

  • Increased Product Coverage—Our guides are sectioned to make finding what you’re looking for quicker and easier.
  • Technology Guides—These product matrixes, which anchor each issue, feature a broad spectrum of instruments and vendors.
  • Products in Practice—Focusing on a specific instrument or service, we’ll explore the what and why of who is making, selling, buying, and using it.
  • On the Web—This year, we’re amping up our online involvement with ongoing blog posts and podcasts.
  • Product of the Year—Expect the nomination process to be rolled out this spring. Then, let’s see who wins in the November/December issue!

With every issue, my purpose is to strengthen the magazine’s relevance and worth, and increase your interest so that you’re looking forward to each issue and are excited about what the new HRP has in store. I know I am!

Will Campbell
[email protected]