Summary: HIMSA has reduced the minimum subscription requirements for Noah ES, its cloud-enabled client management system, from three to two users, alongside a price drop to $30 (€28) per month.


1. Flexibility for smaller businesses: By lowering the minimum subscription requirements, HIMSA accommodates smaller hearing care practices with fewer professionals.

2. Cost-effectiveness: The reduced minimum subscription and price drop make Noah ES more accessible and cost-effective for a wider range of businesses in the industry.

3. Enhanced accessibility to technology: Lower barriers to entry enable more hearing care professionals to access advanced cloud-enabled solutions like Noah ES, potentially improving patient care and practice efficiency.

The Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’​ Software Association (HIMSA) announced that, starting in May, a Noah ES subscription with two users will only cost $30 (€28) a month with a yearly subscription.

Noah ES is the cloud-enabled version of Noah, HIMSA’s unified system for performing client-related tasks. It is designed to keep patient data always available, always up to date, and always secure.  

Since its release in 2022, a Noah ES subscription has included a minimum of three users, which is fine for most hearing care businesses. 

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However, for smaller businesses with only one or two hearing care professionals, a third Noah ES user account is often not necessary. Therefore, due to a successful 2023, HIMSA will now drop the minimum number of Noah ES users from three to two.

Together with the price drop announced in January, this means that the Noah ES minimum monthly subscription fee has now been reduced from $60 (€51) to only $30 (€28) a month.

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