Summary: Ceretone’s Core One, possibly the world’s smallest over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, features a discreet design, dynamic audio quality, intuitive customization via a smartphone app, all-day wear comfort, and a long battery life.


1. The Ceretone Core One is designed to facilitate clear conversations even in noisy environments with its dynamic drivers and advanced chipset that reduce noise and feedback distortion.

2. Users can personalize their hearing experience through an intuitive smartphone app, adjusting volume, mode, and settings for different environments.

3. With its lightweight, discreet design, the Core One is designed to offer comfortable all-day wear, supported by extensive research into ear canal structures, and features a long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted usage.

To provide users with a powerful and discreet hearing aid option, Ceretone is offering the Ceretone Core One, which the company says is the smallest over-the-counter (OTC) IIC digital hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss. With its human-centric design and intuitive app, the Core One can reportedly be set up in under two minutes, even for beginner hearing aid users.

Facilitating Conversations in Noise

The Ceretone Core One’s dynamic drivers are designed to provide natural, crystal-clear audio through 16 compression channels to facilitate engaging conversations even in noisy situations. Its advanced chipset enables environment sensing to automatically reduce noise and cancel feedback for exceptional audio clarity without distortions. The company says that with nearly zero audio latency, the Ceretone Core One is made to help users stay on top of the conversation flow.

Man inserting Ceretone Core One OTC hearing aid in his ear. Photo: Ceretone
Man inserting Ceretone Core One OTC hearing aid in his ear. Photo: Ceretone

Customizable for Unique Hearing Experiences

Complementing the Ceretone Core One’s hardware is an intuitive smartphone app, through which users can easily customize the sound to best suit their unique hearing preferences. It offers six levels of volume adjustments. Each ear can be adjusted individually. To adapt to various environments, the Ceretone Core One has up to four pre-programmed modes. Standard mode is perfect for quieter settings such as libraries or a study hall, while outdoor and restaurant modes boost audio clarity in noisier situations.

Designed for All-Day Wear

Designed for all-day wear, the Ceretone Core One combines all of its electronics into a single discreet housing that sits nearly invisibly inside the ear. The lightweight housing is crafted using durable materials and is easily removable.

Ceretone Core One OTC hearing aids in case.
Ceretone Core One OTC hearing aids in case. Photo: Ceretone

To achieve its universally comfortable pearl-like design, Ceretone studied the ear canal structure information of 1,000 people. The company says the end result is a very lightweight device that’s discreet, comfortable, and weighs under one gram, providing the benefits of larger hearing aids without the bulk. And with an IP66 water and dust ingress resistance rating, the Ceretone Core One is suitable for outdoor use regardless of weather conditions.

“We believe that enhancing your hearing should be easy and comfortable,” says Anthony King, VP of product and customer experience. “This is why we made the world’s smallest over-the-counter hearing aid that delivers exceptional audio while looking and feeling like it’s not even there. By encapsulating all the electronic components into a tiny frame that weighs just one ounce, users can comfortably spend more time listening to the sounds that matter.”

Long Battery Life

Despite its size, the Ceretone Core One lasts up to 13 hours of use on a single charge for unhindered performance throughout the day. The included charging case extends its battery life to 78 hours. Each hearing aid can be charged individually.


The Ceretone Core One is available now on Ceretone’s website for $229 (single) or $349 (pair). Users can try it risk-free for 45 days. All purchases come with a one-year warranty.

Featured image: Ceretone Core One OTC hearing aid. Photo: Ceretone