In an article on the ConsumerAffairs website, Gary Guthrie compared two different hearing devices that were launched at CES 2020, the Nuheara IQBuds2 and Phonak Virto Black.

Citing features such as active noise cancellation and reduction and directionality, Guthrie presents the IQBuds2 as a potential option “for any consumer who wants to improve their hearing and not go into debt with hearing aids until they absolutely have to.”

The Phonak Virto Black—described as hearing aids designed to look like earbuds by Guthrie—is designed for an “immersive sound experience,” that are custom fit to the user’s ear.

“With these, you can actually hear better than a normal person—by 10 times, like it literally gives you superhuman hearing,” Rachel Bishop, AuD, the Launch Program Manager at Phonak, was quoted in the article as saying.

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Source: ConsumerAffairs