The good-better-best system (or slight variants) to hearing aid pricing has been used for decades. In her webinar, Dr Kasewurm looks at the concept of price anchoring as an alternate strategy that can increase profitability, patient satisfaction, and patient referrals, while reducing returns for credit.

A new 20-minute webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, outlines a unique and practical approach to pricing hearing aids that has worked successfully in a thriving practice, resulting in increased average selling prices (ASP) and profitability. The free webinar is available now on-demand.

Pricing strategies for dispensing practices have generally relied for decades on a good-better- best model (with or without some slight variations). Gyl Kasewurm, AuD, has recently adopted the strategy of “price anchoring” with dramatic positive results for her business and her patients. Based on the concepts put forth in Dan Ariely’s book, Predictably Irrational, Dr Kasewurm has implemented a pricing strategy that has resulted in more patients choosing the best technology—increasing patient satisfaction, strengthened patient referrals, and reduced returns for credit.

As a bonus, CareCredit is also  offering at the upcoming IHS Convention a “What Works Toolkit” that includes data on current industry trends, US pricing information, 10-year state-by-state unit sales, and much more.

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