Edward Smelser

Are you getting the most out of your website?

While hearing care professionals have a lot of knowledge and skills for addressing hearing loss—and even running a business—it’s much less likely that they’re experts at website creation and management. This webinar, courtesy of CareCredit, is a short and easy-to-employ tutorial by online marketing expert Edward Smelser who provides useful tips and tricks for improving your website—running the gamut from how to bolster your business listing when your practice shows up on a Google search, to what you can do with those “ALT-text” boxes for photos and why they’re important.

In this free 23-minute webinar, Smelser details four simple ways to boost your online presence while getting the results you want from your practice website and online marketing.

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About the presenter…

Edward Smelser is the member marketing manager for the Elite Hearing Network (EHN), a division of Amplifon, based in Plymouth, Minn. Smelser has been involved in marketing and communications for about a decade and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges hearing care professionals face in establishing and promoting their websites.