Your Hearing Network (YHN) Your Hearing Network (YHN), a new managed care third-party administrator designed specifically for independent hearing care practices nationwide, has recently launched with more than 1,000 hearing healthcare providers already onboard. According to an announcement from YHN, the organization affords a unique affiliate program that provides access to managed care reimbursement opportunities that can provide a stream of new customers. YHN reports that it also provides expertise in managed care contract procurement and solutions to independents.

“In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, the average hearing care clinic may be losing up to 35 percent of its patient base and average selling price is shrinking,” said Ed Braun, YHN vice president. “By leveraging the power of managed care, Your Hearing Network can set practices apart from competitors by pairing patient access with their already exceptional in-office professional fitting and service. Our sales force has already procured contracts from more than 100 other national, regional and local managed care organizations, insurance carriers, employers, and unions.”

YHN has recently partnered with HearUSA to expand access to its AARP Hearing Care Program.

“We are excited to be participating with HearUSA,” said Braun. “We look forward to bringing Oticon products to the members.”

This new service is intended to help independent hearing care clinics maintain a competitive edge in the era of big box stores and increasingly value-conscious consumers, according to YHN. Qualified leads are provided to network members at no cost. Administrative services include marketing, appointment scheduling, reimbursement for dispensing fees, claims support, invoicing, and collections.

According to YHN, practices interested in enrolling or more information should contact Mariet Arias, network manager, at [email protected].

Your Hearing Network participating affiliate member clinics receive a complete package of managed care and administrative services designed to help them stay ahead of marketplace changes and focused on providing the best in hearing healthcare to consumers.

Source: Your Hearing Network (YHN)