book itar Now in its second edition, Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation is designed to provide all the elements necessary for a comprehensive, practice-oriented course in the habilitation/rehabilitation of children, adults, and the elderly with impaired hearing. Published by Plural Publishing, San Diego, this user-friendly text focuses on the most important clinical and practical aspects of providing services to the hearing impaired, while avoiding the technical detail of theoretical texts.

This second edition offers more in-depth information on cochlear implantation—including surgical procedures as well as the benefits for children and adults—and is approached from an amplification standpoint across several chapters by new contributing authors.

New and expanded information for Introduction to Aural Rehabilitation, Second Edition, includes the following topics:

  • Speech development for children with impaired hearing;
  • Listening and language development for children with impaired hearing;
  • Hearing aids and non-hearing aid assistive listening devices;
  • Hearing aids for children with impaired hearing;
  • Educational management of children with impaired hearing;
  • Non-hearing assistive listening devices for adults;
  • Physiology and psycho-social impact of hearing loss in older adulthood;
  • Rehabilitation procedures for adults with impaired hearing; and
  • Expanded appendixes on communication scales and questionnaires. ?

About the author. Raymond H. Hull, PhD, is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Coordinator of Audiology, and Director at the Center for Research on Communicative Sciences and Disorders, College of Health Professions, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kan. ? 

Source: Plural Publishing